Monday, April 7, 2008

Remove the "Powered by..." in InfoPath forms

In this folder (the one and only.. right?) "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\INC" is a file that is called "ifsmain.css". This stylesheet file controls how a web form built by InfoPath is displayed. If you want to remove the logo "powered by InfoPath services" that is displayed in the bottom of every web form then write "display:none" or color the text tag to the same as your background color.


Madhu said...

Worked just perfectly. If you dont want to risk upgrades overwriting this file, copy the style locally or to your custom css file.

Lise said...

Hi Madhu! Great to hear! Thank you for sharing info :)
Take care,

vamsi said...

Hi Lise, When we hover the mouse on a repeating table (Infopath Form Hosted in browser) it shows a dotted border line. How to avoid it?

Thanks in advance

Lise said...

Hi vamsi!
Well, the first thing I would do is to right click on your web form and locate the table with the hover-class in it. Then look inside the TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\INC folder where you have a css file called ifsmain.css. Edit that one and create your own class or modify the hover class for the table and set it to Border=0.
Good luck, let me know

vamsi said...

Hi Lise, I am unable to get the class which is making to show the border when I hover the mouse.
(But small correction it is not for repeating table, it is for a repeating section/optional section).Can you tell me the class name. Thanks in advance

Jesper said...

Generally it is a bad idea to change contents of standard Sharepoint files, since Microsoft reserves the right to update these files, and if you have more then one frontend server the jobs getting harder. See the following KB article on how to remove the "Powered by...." logo useing stsadm:

Lise said...

Uh-huh I know :)
Thanks anyway...

Anonymous said...

hi Lise

When i designed my infopath form my background i white after i publish it to sharepoint with code behind and admin approval need and when i open the form in form library the background is changing to blue. Help me please