Monday, April 7, 2008

Sharepoint 2009

Found this about the new version of Sharepoint - 2009. Exciting news!!
I am hoping for better performance, extended functions, improved CMS and well, the list is long!
Seems like they are developing the offline function - or rather - I know they are since I was interviewed by a developer at Microsoft regarding my experiences of using offline. And they are totally bad. Groove may work fine but I am not so impressed by it, to be honest. You have to learn Groove, and when you save a file it is saved in a folder - it does not tell you where in your portal the file belongs. I have tried some third part products like Syntergy, and they work quite well - I really hope Microsoft develop their own builtin solution in the next version.

These are some features in Sharepoint 2009 to look forward to :)

* SharePoint v4 will be able to render a greater set of Office documents in an HTML environment
* Knowledge Management
* More rich reporting tools over Record Management
* More rich features such like
- Print features
- Scan Documents (Shipped with the box IFilters to support more search over content)
- More support for Shell Commands
- Object Model more extendible and rich with SOA models.
- Master Data Management (designed to manage common reference data for systems through an enterprise)
- Extremely improved UI en UX (Think Tafiti, Silverlight)
- Deliver improved search relevancy
- Include tighter integration of unified communications, unified identity, and unified policy/compliance/support across all apps and for all devices
- Improve SharePoint's offline capabilities.
- "14" will ONLY be released on a 64 bit platform. That is there will be no future 32 bit releases.
- Claims based authentication
- Better support on web 2.0
- Deeper unification of communications
- Content tagging/rating
- BI capabilities to business processes
- better management of complex documents and content
- a flexible storage solution for Digital Asset Management

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