Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blå Jungfrun

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Friday, June 27, 2008

A new fresh attempt with the BDC

I have tried this before, but with no result, to actually get data from Dynamics NAV straight into Sharepoint using the BDC catalog. It seemed so easy, just create the ADF file and import it in Central Administration and youre ready to read from your business system. Not quite.. So today I did a new attempt using the BDC application from Microsoft (downloaded it here). I have tried the BDC Metaman before, but today I used this app which comes with the SDK:

Quite easy to install and setup and even enter the connection string:


I added the table I wanted data from and exported the xml file and imported it to Sharepoint. I got an error about the profile page:

Could not create profile page for Entity NaB Solutions AB$Contact. The error is: Cannot create a new connection to closed Web Part "g_f9c81dbd_bdf8_4935_a3f3_6558836696df".

Went into my Sharepoint site and created a column that is of type Business Data and it was empty. Access? No, I'm the admin. I probably need to configure some more, and look into the error I got.

To be continued...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Display updated items

The Content Query Web Part is really nice but leaves some wanted functions like:

* Display updated items for a specific time period
* Be able to display items from several lists and libraries (why not all?)

* It would be nice if you could filter your latest updates so that it does not show an item from the year 2007 just because that is the latest updated item. You should be able to set a filter that tells the webpart to display only items that are [Modified]+7 or something similar. As it is now, you have to create such a field in your list and display that certain field (I did this, look further down in this post).

* I would like to pick any field from my lists and display them and sort them in the webpart. Only fields that are created as Site Column are in the list now.

* You may group your latest updates and that is nice, I usually group them after Site. BUT, if you only want to show the latest 10-15 updated items - and you have like 5 updated items on one site - then it only shows 15 rows and that mean that I can't see the other sites updates because of the row limit. It would have been nice to display the ONE latest update from all the sites.

One solution I have used to display only the latest weeks updates is to do this:

Create a new column. Important: you must create it as a Site Column! Or else you will not find it in the Content Query Web Part!
Enter a name that tells the user that this is a "system" field with a name like "ShowUntil" and select "Date and Time" as the type of column.

Date and Time Format is set to "Date Only".

Then set the default value to a calculated value. Add "=Today + 7".

Clear the Add to default view check box.

Save the new column.

Add your new column to the document library or list you want to display updates from.

Now in your Content Query Web Part, select the column you created and set the filter to display it if it's "Greater than or Equal to" [Today] to your column:

Now when the list is updated on a site, it will be displayed in your web part for seven days from the created date.

Show the weather

If you want a webpart that displays the weather, then this is a nice web part. I downloaded it from Bamboo solutions, on this site: And it is very easy to setup.
Here is an example:

Monday, June 16, 2008

The publishing feature

I use the built in CMS system a lot in Sharepoint, both for external and internal websites. It's easier to build templates for the user so that they are able to create news and stuff fast. There are some irritating stuff regarding that function though. Attach a file or insert a picture are really a disaster, not for me but for the user! I mean, how many steps are there for this? I have tried to insert an upload-button but that did not work so I gave up.

Let's say that your user actually did manage to find the hyperlink button and managed to upload a file from the hard drive then you must first close the window that displays that the file is uploaded (why??? just add a script that closes that window... or?? totally confusing for the user) then you MAY find yourself be in the wrong library.. Yes. Why isn't there a feature or function that returns the user to the correct library - the one that belongs to the site, and NOT the latest you opened. And what else could happen? You upload the file to a library where the readers dont have access. Omg. Really thought through function. But the most annoying thing is the window where you see your uploaded files, they are sorted... ascending!! So every f*ing time I attach a file and I have looots of files in those libraries I have to set the filter to descending or browse to the end of the library to find my files (fastest is to filter in descending, but how tiring isnt this?). I have really looked for a solution that at least sorts my uploaded files in descending order so that my uploaded file is the first file in the list.

These are things that make you so tired of Sharepoint, it could be such a great application but sometimes it sucks.

Anyone who knows a "solution" to this?