Monday, April 13, 2009

SharePoint BestPractices

I visited the SharePoint Best Practices UK in London last week and it was a really great conference with lots of interesting seminars. It was hard to select which seminars to attend, I wanted to go to them all! But I decided to pick one from each track, there were IW, BA, Dev and IT-Pro tracks. One of the news that many talked about was of course that SharePoint Designer now is free of charge and can be downloaded by everyone - hmm both good and bad! There are many creative persons out there :) One thing I found out during those seminars was that I pretty much work according to best practices! That was great news for me, as I have mostly worked alone with SharePoint and have not had any collegues to share ideas with. It's a big challenge to work like that, and you must learn everything the "hard way" but you get a bigger understanding of how the platform works and how it is connected with other systems and areas. Which is of huge importance when it comes to planning a customers platform and capacity.

But the most important thing for me was to meet all those interesting and fun people who are as geeky SharePointers as my self :) And they came from both Armenia as well from the US.. :D

I had a great time and I want to thank Combined Knowledge for a well planned event and excellent conference area (and all the fun stuff in the evenings, all from casino tables to fine dinners :))!!