Thursday, May 14, 2009

Collect user information from AD through InfoPath

I wanted a webpart in SharePoint that displays certain user information from the AD. Looked at a couple of webparts Bamboo, SharePoint Boost, etc but all of those are directly connected to the AD and I did not want the user to be able to push information back into the AD. Only display it so that the user can send a request to change the information through a simple list.
So I thought that InfoPath might be able to do some lookups for me, and yes the webservice that calls on UserProfiles was perfect for this! And since I am used to InfoPath and how you can perform lookups inside the form using one specific field I thought that it could not be that hard to get all information using the "Username" field. All fields in the form are read-only and it is published as a web form. The result is the following webpart:

Mail me if you want some more explanation or instructions!

I love that you can use InfoPath without any code... Powerful!


What what said...

Dude, if you're publishing stuff like this - you ought to publish the source as well, or at least instructions as to how people can achieve the goal mentioned. Otherwise it'll just look like a sales pitch ;-)

Lise said... da butt!!
Yeah okey... I will let you know, send me a mail haha...
Hope all is well Z!

Lise said...

And one more thing... I am a bit lazy, do you know how much time and printscreens it would take to explain how you let one field automatically fill in all the others in InfoPath... zzz ages!