Friday, July 31, 2009

Display a list view in InfoPath

If you want to display all entries from a SharePoint list inside your InfoPath form, browser enabled or not, then do the following.

You have a list in SharePoint already, right..
Add a data connection to that list the usual way in InfoPath
Open the "Data source" in the right task pane and select the list (it is listed as a Secondary):

Right click it and select "Repeating table" and drag and drop it to your form

The list is displayed with all entries:


Forms Builder said...

I may suggest more effective and easy way, built in another form builder engine. SharePoint fields are accessible for importing them in user created form by simple drag and drop. This is new product called iTechnology Forms Accelerator. This is alternative approach.

SharePoint Consulting said...

Thanks so much for posting all of the awesome info! Looking forward to seeing more posts!