Thursday, April 25, 2013

Upgrade to SP 2013, part 1: Hardware reqs (on test server)

And so let the fun begin! This will be a post with many parts, I begin with the easiest part... :)

After attending the awesome SharePoint Evolution Conference in London this April, I was so inspired to get started with SP2013 that I immediately put up a migration plan when I got back to the office. Although I had installed an SP2013 server a few months ago, I had not really had any time to test much. But now it's time!

So I had an "old" test server that I created a few months ago with the following installed. I run all on the same machine since it is my test server:
- Windows Server 2012
- SQL Server 2012
- SharePoint 2013 (no updates installed yet)

But the machine needed more juice, I could barely start it. As I had seen at the conference the least minimum reqs for a server is to have 8 GB RAM and I only had 4 (!) but I got 12 GB so now it's more responsive.

Minimum reqs according to Technet:

What I had on the server:

And what it was upgraded to:


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