Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to replicate InfoPath forms with data connections

As I have written about before replication of InfoPath forms that are using data connections, has not been working using Metalogix Replicator
But now this has been resolved by Metalogix and here are the steps needed to make this work.

1) The latest version of Replicator must be installed, that is version 6.0.7812.0

2) Make sure the AAM default zone are matching on all servers (this is most important if the local servers are using split DNS, which means that the URL headers are the same on all servers and a request to the same URL points locally instead of to the hub). Then setup any of the other zones to be individual, I have used the Intranet zone:

3) Setup the InfoPath forms to use udcx files. To do this, create a Data Connection library on your site and then convert all the data connections in the form to .udcx files and store them in the library:

4) The udcx files should be stored in a Data Connection library on a site where users have Read access, and it should also be added for replication.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Create a page layout using Design Manager

I want to create my own layout for use on the intranet front page. I don’t want to have a left side menu and I want three columns where the middle one should be the widest. There is no page layout that fits my need so I will create my own.

Go to Design Manager
Click on “Edit page layouts“

And then “Create a page layout”

Give your new page layout a name and choose what MasterPage you want, then finally pick a page layout to inherit from: 


Your page is now created

But that is not the file you should edit, instead edit the corresponding html file. To do that, you need to map the "_catalogs/masterpage" folder to a drive:

In Windows Explorer, click on “Map network drive” and add the following path to a drive:
Then you will be able to edit the html file that your page layout is connected to. As you can see, that html file is automatically created:

Open the html file in any editor and insert your own html code between these two tags:

Save the file and the page layout is updated (and you might have to approve the page layout file also)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Upgrade part 6: Upgrade MySites to SP2013

This is how I upgraded our SP 2010 mysite site collections to SP 2013

Restored a copy of the 2010 database for MySites to my test server
Removed the content db in CA
Detached the db in SQL
Attached the restored copy in SQL
Added the content db in CA

Do an iisreset

Now ready for some test runs…

Test-SPContentDatabase -name MySites -webapplication https://server:3334 | out-file e:\upgrade\upgrade.txt -width 500

Got some errors about missing webparts or customizations which is fine, I don’t want to use them anymore anyway. Most errors are regarding the office web apps though but none of them is blocking upgrade so I will go ahead:

Category        : MissingFeature
Error           : True
UpgradeBlocking : False
Message         : Database [MySites] has reference(s) to a missing feature: Id = [893627d9-b5ef-482d-a3bf-2a605175ac36], Name = [PowerPoint Mobile Viewer], Description = [Enables viewing of PowerPoint presentations in the mobile web browser], Install Location = [MobilePowerPointViewer].
Remedy          : The feature with Id 893627d9-b5ef-482d-a3bf-2a605175ac36 is referenced in the database [MySites], but is not installed on the current farm. The missing feature may cause upgrade to fail. Please install any solution which contains the feature and restart upgrade if necessary.
When this was done, I just detached the db from SQL, copied it to my new SP2013 server and then it is ready to be migrated.

Did the same on the SP2013, that is remove the content db from the MySites web app. Attach it on the SQL and then in CA again:

But then you cannot add the content db directly from CA, you need to mount it:

Mount-SPContentDatabase “MyDatabase” -DatabaseServer "MyServer" -WebApplication http://server:5230

After mounting I got this message

Yeah I have a look later, I think I know what the error messages is. I had a customized template for the MySites on my 2010 server and that is not included in this upgrade. Will just skip it and proceed.

Made an iisreset

Got access denied when trying to access MySite (the old classic Access Denied message from 2010) as my self:

Signed in as the administrator and that MySite which I could access (so only Admin could access MySites right now)

Got the message about upgrading the site collection so I did that by clicking "Start now" up in ribbon:


After that, I visited my own site again and got the "new" access denied message:

That means that no users can access their MySites. So I decided to upgrade my site collection to see if that fixed the issue. You can run "get-SPSite" in powershell to see a list of what versions the site collection are. All our mysites were in 14, they need to be converted to 15. Run the Upgrade-SPSite command in powershell (of course this must be scripted for all users…):

Upgrade-SPSite http://server:5230/personal/lr00554 -VersionUpgrade

Tried to access my personal MySite again, but still access denied "Site has not been shared with you"

I looked at the Authentication Provider for my MySite web app and that said "Claims based authentication" but maybe all site collections are not included? My last test was to upgrade the authentication for entire web application including all migrated mysite site collections.

In Powershell:
Convert-SpWebApplication -Identity "http://server:5230" -To Claims -RetainPermissions [-Force] 

And TADA, the new MySite is up and accessible!